Too much technique in your presentations?

Have you lost your view of the big picture? Can you pay too much attention to your technique when you are trying to improve your presenting skills? I would not say that.

I would say that you can pay so much attention to your different techniques, that you lose sight of the overall goal… to connect with your audience.

Connecting with your audience is how you achieve the end result; persuading them, convincing them, motivating them, or even inspiring them to action.

You are probably aware that I look for improvement in my speaking and presenting skills in many different fields of expertise. As I was watching “So you think you can dance” this Wednesday, I noticed there was one very esoteric contemporary dance. Did you see it? It was so good that any knowledgeable dance enthusiast could have admired it, as well as dancers… of course.

But was it attractive to the general public? The club dancer or weekend party person? The chief judge pointed out that it would probably not be understood by the non-dancer. And that’s where you lose the main objective. That’s where you lose sight of the big picture.

So when you are working on your presentation skills, always be on the lookout to get better. Always be a student and look for a lesson that will make you a better presenter each time you step in front of an audience. But don’t let that passion distract you from the big picture, the audience connection… your main goal.

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