SEO: Search Engine Optimization… Increasing your website rankings Part 1

Have you ever been looking for a product or service, and decided to search for it on the Internet? Have your customers done the same? More importantly, how many potential customers have done so and couldn’t find your website because… it was buried down on page 47 of the results?

Let’s face it… if you sell “Shetland Ear Hair Brushes”, ideally you want your website to come up before everyone else, when someone enters “Shetland Ear Hair Brushes” into google. Or “Shetland Brushes”, or “Ear Hair Brushes”, etc…

So how do you accomplish that? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is big business right now. Enter “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization” into google and you get 183,000,000 and 62,100,000 results. There are companies that will provide SEO services, helping you to increase your standings in a search engine. You can also learn everything you could want to know about SEO if you want to do it yourself. But “everything you could want to know” usually ends up being “way more than I need or want.” So what is a Do It Yourself’er, or one who is just interested in the basics, to do?

Erica DeWolf, CEO & eMarketing Strategist of DeWolf eMarketing & Design recently pointed me to a good resource for basic SEO. Erica is a fellow Erie Blogger and introduced me to the Easy SEO Report. I downloaded the Easy SEO Report and tried it out. The first thing I learned was how google sees my website. the second thing I learned was which words, when entered into a google search, would get my site in the results and towards the top. This alone was well worth downloading and reading the Easy SEO Report.

I used it to make some changes to my website that should help its rankings and plug some holes. You could do the same. Or if you pay someone, you could use it to get a basic understanding and occasionally check your own website to see if you are getting what you paid for.

If you want to know how I used it with my website, stay tuned here. My next post will specifically discuss what I found out about my website and what I did.

Tell me what you do about your search rankings.

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