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Saturday, May 17th I attended a meeting and awards luncheon of the National Speakers Association – Pittsburgh. The featured presentation was Leaving a Lasting Legacy by Glenna Salsbury. Do you continue to pursue improvement?

Glenna provided insight into improving one’s speech delivery and style. She also provided insight into finding your passions and purpose. How is this important in speaking? As a professional speaker, your content should always be in sync with your passions and purpose. If not, you are speaking on the wrong subject matter.

But what if you speak as a part of your job? All your speeches have points you are trying to convey. Each of your points should be emphasized with a story. And where can you get your stories? Your passions and purpose. That is how you will add your passion to your speeches. Passion and emotion are how you will touch your audience. I know, I know. “Just the facts.” We always believe that logic will convince our audience. Logic WILL convince our audience that it is the right choice. Emotion will convince them that it is the right choice, for them.

Will I continue to attend? Certainly. I am always trying to improve my skills. Are you?

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