June is also International People Skills Month

Do you enjoy celebrating events? I like Googling holidays in order to see what people are observing. Today I found out June is International People Skills Month. Does that mean anything to you? Only if you deal with people.

Most of us deal with people at work. I work in technology and even we have recognized a need for people skills along with technology skills. In fact, the technology industry has recognized that techies need to improve their people skills, or as they call them “soft skills”.

Since I began studying speaking, I have discovered that I was also studying people skills. A good speaker learns how to understand and listen to his audience. That goes for 2000 people or one recruiter during a job interview. Only then can you truly communicate in a way that has the best chance of being received properly.

So when you are working on your skills, remember that you can study writing, speaking, psychology, and even teaching. But ultimately you are studying people.

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