“Bloggin while Busy!” Finding the time to fit blogging into your schedule

If you are like most adults, you are probably very busy. Work, kids, clubs,… work. So how can you manage to do all this and “Blog while Busy”?

First let me say, that I certainly don’t blog enough. Like Tom Antion and many others say, blogging is a key component to building your business. But it must be done regularly to keep people interested.

So how do you do that when you are already busy? You re-use content!

The World Champions of Public Speaking speak highly of the value of re-using content, in live speeches… audio recordings… and even DVDs and books. Take that same idea and use it in blogging. Use articles you write, speeches you’ve given, anything you’ve written from your day to copy and paste into your blog. That’s the first way to save time.

The second method is most blogs will allow you to put a date on a post, a date in the future. So if you get inspired and write out several posts, put future dates on them. The will not show in your blog until that date. I like to date them for one or two posts to show per week. Then it looks as if you are posting regularly.

Finally, the third method I am fond of is to break up content. For example, this post contains three methods. I could have created it as four posts. Number one explains my general thoughts and lists the three methods. Number 2 explains method 1. Number 3 explains method 2. And number 4 explains method 3. I could even create a fifth post that becomes a summary.

These are ideas I got after I listened to an interview with Sherman Hu at Kristie T’s blog. Sherman Hu is a blogging expert. He had some wonderful ideas on blogging, including one of my favorites. He mentioned that blogging is about conversations. You want people to leave comments on your posts so always end your blog with a question that draws them into the conversation.

Another good perspective on this is from the viewpoint of keystrokes. Are you wondering what I mean? Well, take a look at Jon Udell’s “Too busy to blog? Count your keystrokes.” He argues that blogging is one of the most efficient means of keystrokes. Especially when so many people are prone to Carpal Tunnel.

I also found an interesting post from Darren Rowse. Darren gives blogging advice for when you go on vacation, that can also be used to create more posts in your blog.


What tips do you have on blogging and what methods do you use to “blog while busy”?

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