Where does a Presenter or Speaker get material?

Are you a fan of the television show Survivor? I have loved that show since the first season. Two days ago, watching the first episode of this season, I learned that one of the cast-aways is Alexis Jones, a motivational speaker. Hearing that, I went scouring the Internet for her. I didn’t find much but I have to make a confession… I almost wish I was in her place.

You may ask yourself, “why would he want to be in a remote isolated location, short on food, cold and hungry, and surrounded by people who will stab you in the back for one million dollars?” My answer to you… Imagine all the stories and experiences that she will return with!

If you wish to give the best presentation you can, you must use your own personal experiences to illustrate your points. One excellent formula for presentations is to give an authoritative story, make a point, then tell a personal story that reinforces that point.

But often, the question arises, “Where do I get those personal stories?” Or, “My life is not that interesting.” But every life is interesting. It’s just not very interesting to you, because you’ve lived it already. For us who haven’t lived your life, it can be very interesting.

So look around you. Be observant. Remember what has happened to you and what you’ve learned. Most of all, get out there and experience life!

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