Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking With Ease by Laura Whitelaw

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Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking With Ease
By Laura Whitelaw

To be a leader, it is necessary to speak in public today. It is a very natural thing to be scared to address a group of people, even if you know them very well. Public speaking need not be stressful for you at all. There are certain key principles which one can use, and this could enable you to make it a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Preparation Helps to Ease Public Speaking Fears

Knowledge about your topic and preparation helps greatly in easing a person’s public speaking fears. In Toastmasters, your first speech (known as the Icebreaker) is always about yourself, a topic that hopefully – you know a lot about. This helps new people relax and get used to standing and presenting in front of an audience. Once you get your first speech under your belt, you begin to choose more difficult topics where you may have to do some research and preparation. It helps to practice your speech in front of family or friends or even in front of the mirror.

Use Humor to Relate to Your Audience

If you’re comfortable, you can use humor to relate better to your audience and draw them into your speech. It will make you feel more relaxed as well. Another technique for successful public speaking is the use of anecdotes or stories to get your point across. Anecdotes and stories are also easier to remember when delivering your speech and will help you to relate to your audience.

Speak to Your Audience the Way You Would To One Person

In public speaking, you need not be overly formal. If you deliver your speech as if you are talking to just one person, it will help to calm your nerves. Imagine that you are talking to a trusted and loving friend. Confident public speaking takes practice and a great way to get that practice is to join a local Toastmasters group.

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