Know yourself and seek self-improvement.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Marcin Wichary

Today I was speaking with and interviewing my good friend Rich Hopkins. In the course of conversation, we discussed a the idea of self-improvement.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Will I be a better person tomorrow, than I am today?”  Do you actively work toward that goal?

One of the Marine Corps Leadership Principals state “Know yourself and seek self-improvement”.  All Marines learn this while still in boot camp and it has a major influence on their career.  A Marine must always be learning new skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities.

As you progress in you life and career, do you know skills you need to improve?  Do you know what classes you need to take?  What experiences are you conquering that will make you a better person?

Have you considered make public speaking one of those improvement?download movie Rings

Often we think of public speaking as a skill that only politicians and professional speakers need to master.  But do you ever give a presentation on behalf of your department?  Are you a teacher in front of a classroom of students?  Do you report to your board of directors or the parents and guardians of your students?

All of these situations can be enhanced and more productive if  you active work towards building and/or increasing your public speaking skills.

Where do you think public speaking could help you?