Do you present all the time? You may still want some help.

Have you ever heard someone say this?  “I don’t need help with public speaking.  I do it all the time.”

Have you ever said it?

Working in a K-12 school environment, I have heard this often.  When I first started working in schools, what surprised me most was when I heard a teacher say, “I’m so nervous.  I can’t do this.”  He was scheduled to speak to the school board that evening.

My first thought… “You do this all the time!  180 days a year, 7 times per day, upwards of 25 students per instance.  How can you be nervous?”

Asleep in class XVII
Creative Commons License photo credit: Hari Bilalic

But even Harvard and MIT recognize that just because you present all the time, you may not be presenting well.

Check out these lecture tips from Professor Patrick Winston of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.