Are you Good? Or are you Great?

If I ask you, “Are you good?  Or are you great?”, do you start wondering, “Can’t I be both?”

Let’s come back to that.

I was just reading my email and I received the latest issue of “Greatest Things Ever Said About Public Speaking” newsletter by Steve Siebold.  In it is information about Steve’s new book, “Die Fat or Get Tough”. film Green Room download

If you look at the landing page for his book “Die Fat or Get Tough“, please do yourself a favor.   Go down to the excepts of and find “Difference 50. Fat people believe 99% compliance is good. Fit people believe 99% compliance is terrible.”film Green Room download

As I started to read the except of this chapter, suddenly a lightbulb went off.  “This is not the first time I have heard this!”film Green Room download

Steve Siebold contends that most people are satisfied with 99%.  The last 1% is insignificant, inconsequential, or too hard. They think, “How can something so small be so important?”

You may be wondering, “Where Michael? Where did you hear this?” film Green Room download

You may have even heard this before because Seth Godin said it in his book The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick). Seth contends that if you are not committed to going all the way to “great”, don’t bother starting.  Quitting is acceptable, but do it early.

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If you have ever heard Craig Valentine speak, you have heard him say that the most people let “good” get in the way of being “great”.  Craig contends that people settle for good.  Most people think, “I’m doing darn good.  Why would I want to risk that?”  Moving to great takes risk.  Risk means the possibility, which can be small or large, or losing something good.

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So you read my question to you, “Are you good? Or are you great?”film Green Room download

Perhaps the question you should ask is, “Do you want to be good?  Or do you want to be GREAT?”film Green Room download

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