Set A Goal. Mine… to write a book.

Whether you wish to be a better presenter, more successful, or even quit smoking… you need to set goals.  Have you heard that before?

Have you considered that setting goals is not enough?  Have ever set goals but just kept them to yourself?  Are you wondering, “What does quitting smoking have to do with any of this?”

If you have or know anyone who has tried to quit smoking, you probably know that one major technique is to set a date and LET EVERYONE KNOW.  That is the biggest part.  It keeps you on the path.  It keeps you from setting it aside because everyone now knows you are on that path.

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for bed, I was thinking about the people who have influenced me.  I also started thinking about the people who might have influenced them and all the other things I wanted to know about people I admire.

It was a short step from people I admired to all the help I have received from others in my life and how much I really have needed help, assistance, direction, encouragement from others.  That’s when it hit me.  I know what I want to write a book about!

Sure, you may be thinking, “He has been wanting to write a book?”   Yes, since I was in high school.  I have always wanted, as I used to say, “Be published.”  But wanting something, setting a goal, and finding your message or purpose are all different things.

Yesterday, I found my message.  Today, I LET EVERYONE KNOW.  I am now on a committed path.

Today, I set a date to have breakfast with someone who has always encouraged and motivated me.  I also created a to-do list and a questionnaire.  I sent the questionnaire to over 100 people I know.  This is the start of a big research project on the people who influence us.

I’m now sure where this is going to lead.  I am not sure what I am going to learn.  But I have set my goal.  I have announced it to the world.  All that is left, is to see it to the end.

If you are interested in sharing and want to participate, leave me a comment.  Leave your email in the “email” box. (not in the message box.  Don’t want you to get more spam)  I will send you the questionnaire and I appreciate your help.

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