SEO: Search Engine Optimization… Increasing your website rankings Part 2

This past Saturday, I explained how Erica DeWolf, CEO & eMarketing Strategist of DeWolf eMarketing & Design recently pointed me to a good resource for basic SEO. Erica is a fellow Erie Blogger, and introduced me to the Easy SEO Report.

Want to know what I did with it?

You will remember that I downloaded the Easy SEO Report and tried it out. The first thing I learned was how google sees my website. The second thing I learned was which words, when entered into a Google search, would get my site in the results and towards the top. This alone was well worth downloading and reading the Easy SEO Report.

After I found these two pieces of information, I was able to re-arrange the items on my website to give me better search results. For example, you will notice the Powerful Presentations Alliance membership in the top left corner of my website. That used to be at the bottom. Same with the Erie Bloggers association. My old way of thinking was that these associations were like credits, i.e. seen at the end of the movie. But I realized that I want people to find me if they search for “presentation” coaches or use the word “Erie”. Why? That’s what I do and where I do it. Bringing it to the top puts it higher in google’s sights.

It also showed me where some of my holes are. If you search for “presentation coach”, you will find me on the second page of the results. Is this good? YES! When I am searching, I often continue on to the second page of results. But could I do better? I noticed that I use the word “presentations” quite often in my website and blog posts. That extra “s” makes it a word that does not count towards the search. So I need to be conscious of using both the plural and singular version.

The same hole appears much larger with the word “coach”. If someone used coaching instead of coach, I can guarantee they will not be a potential customer. I went through thirty pages of search results and couldn’t find my site. I cannot believe that many will go through thirty or more pages of results.

Final message: You should download the Easy SEO Report and read it. It is only fifteen pages and you will get a basic idea SEO and how it works. You will get the basic knowledge you need whether you are doing it yourself or paying someone to do it for you.

Tell me about some changes your website has gone through, and why? I would love to hear about your results.

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