How can you achieve more success in life?

Through better presentation, communication, and speaking skills!

Pack your presentations, speeches, and communications with more power, influence, and humor.

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Speaking at Kosovo Rally

  • Do you say, “I can’t do that.  I’m not very good at speaking in front of groups.”?
  • Do you notice that “successful” people aren’t afraid to speak their mind?  Do you notice that they will stand up and speak their mind when given the chance?
  • Do your speaking skills hurt or help your career?
  • Have you noticed that a bad speaker speaks entirely too long and an exceptional speaker stops long before you are done listening?


You can use good public speaking skills to be beat out your competition for that big sale, to be the “go to” man/woman in the office, and make yourself known as the “expert” that others can go to when they need to know your information.

Michael Cortes can help you get there.

You can take advantage of Michael’s knowledge to get a step ahead in the learning curve on your path to success through speaking.  Michael will help you learn key speaking principles and important presentation skills, especially when presenting with PowerPoint.

Michael has been studying educational methods since age 17, continued to study principles of instruction during his seven years in the Marine Corps, and has continuously studied public speaking since March 2003.  Michael used these skills to teach and speak throughout his working career.  (more about michael)

Use your speaking skills to increase your public image and influence.  Use leadership and communications and others will look to you, as you become more confident and effective whenever you speak… wherever you speak.

Do you, or does your student need to give a graduation speech?

Graduation speeches… a feared event for the graduate, and sometimes for the audience.  How can you make your graduation speech, or help make your student’s graduation speech memorable and an event that people will keep talking about for a long time… in a positive way?  Get Michael to  coach.

In the meantime, here are some link to get you started

What will Michael do for you?

  • Individual coaching
  • Group workshops

Contact us for more information on how Michael can help you.

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