Put eye contact in your communications… How?

Once in a while, you run into something that is brilliant! I did just that. It was over at “Success Begins Today”.

“What can it be?” and “Why is it so brilliant?”, you ask. Have you ever heard the advice, “Look them in the eye”? That’s actually good advice, but better advice would be how to do it.

How do you look someone in the eye if you are shy?

How do you look someone in the eye if you don’t have that habit?

How do you look someone in the eye if every second seems like an eternity?

Simply put… Look for their eye color. The first time you meet someone make a mental note of your eye color. Yes, you will start this by thinking, “brown, blue, hazel.” But hey! That’s how habits get started. And this tip, as originally presented by Nicholas Boothman in the book How To Connect In Business In 90 Seconds Or Less, will allow you to take the few seconds necessary to make a connection.

Connection is the real reason for eye contact. A good connection will establish a good relationship. A good relationship can lead to success. This works for individuals as well as audiences.

Think about that as you prepare your speech.

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