Public Speaking skills… are they important?

The Palm Beach Post Reports “Speaking is an important but often neglected skill in the job world, yet we speak to people every day.

This other article attempts to explain why public speaking is important, but I believe it still leaves the reader looking for a direct reason why public speaking is important to themselves.

And… this article from Duct Tape Marketing explains directly why public speaking is important if you need to do any type of marketing, especially if you are a small business owner.

So you may ask, “What else you got?”

I have been reflecting, on my own life.  What examples can I come up with that show why public speaking skills are important. I came up with two… a before and an after.

Before:  Several years ago, I had a plan for the replacement of computers where I work. I must admit when I presented this plan it was simply a “just the facts” type of presentation. It was not received as well as I had hoped, and I was at fault.  It was a case of not being educated in the presentation of a proposal. I didn’t know how to consider what would be important to the reader, or more importantly… what would not be.

After:  Now, I have another plan. For the past six years, I have been learning everything I can about public speaking.  Guess what…  Public speaking is about persuasion, making a connection, marketing, considering what is important to the audience, and presenting it all in such a way that the audience will actually want to listen.  Boring someone will not make them consider your proposal.  I have even learned the secret of SUCCESs, the secret that helps an idea stick in the minds of the recipient.  You can find it in the book “Made to Stick” by Chip & Dan Heath.

Have you ever gotten a second chance and felt that you were blessed? I am. Not because I get a second chance. Rather, because I have the opportunity to learn. Because I have the opportunity to improve myself. Because I have the chance to use my skills in a way that brings benefits to others and allows me to feel confident as I face challenges… in work, at home, and throughout life.

So, are public speaking skills important? Ultimately, you must make up your mind. But I am convinced. What do you think?

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