Keep a Positive Attitude… You have to Work at It.

If you visited my website on February 28th, you would have seen a new comment from Carla. In this comment, Carla tells you that I don’t know anything about the website business and she is obviously the expert by comparison. Her proof is… her site makes over $1k a month, ranks higher, and gets many more visitors. In fact, I get a pitifully few number of visitors.

I don’t know what you think about that, but I was furious. “How dare she! Well, I’m not going to let her get away with that! I’ll show her!” and I did what most people would do… nothing.  It turns out that was the best decision I could make.

Because, along comes Danny, who feels that successful people should advise and mentor others, not knock them down with insults and jibes! Apparently, Danny was upset too. Danny jumped to my defense. Danny tells Carla, “You should look for the positive… for instance, Mike’s website was good enough to attract you!”

Danny gets what Carla missed. Blogging is about building relationships, and that can bring you success… but it takes time.  He also reminded me that my goal, when I took up blogging, was to stay positive.

What do you think?  Stay tuned for more…

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