Keep a Positive Attitude: You have to Work at It… part 2

In my last post, I started talking about working at keeping a positive attitude, but why is that important?  A positive attitude keeps you in a good relationship with yourself and the people around you.  And good relationships are about building trust which will lead to success.  What is the definition of success?  That’s your call, but let’s look at some examples.

Marriage:  Is it a relationship?  You will probably say yes to that.  Does it require trust?  Again, another yes from you.  And I would agree that you need trust in a marriage, that is if you want your marriage to be a GOOD relationship.

Sales:  A relationship?  Again, do you say yes?  Require trust?  I hope you agree with yes.  You don’t want to buy from someone you do not trust.  Talk about a BAD relationship.

So let’s look at another issue related to good relationships and positive attitudes.  They both allow you to “let it go.”  What do you think I mean by that?  I was listening to Alan Weiss’ post “Let it Go”.  It reminded me how I can much more easily “let things go” when I am in a positive mood or in a good relationship.  Think about when you are in a new romantic relationship.  Your eyes are turned blind to your love’s faults.  If the relationship lasts and turns into a long-term commitment, a GOOD relationship, you can still see past the faults.

A good relationship with a vendor or customer can lead to the same place.  A good relationship allows you to look beyond the faults or mistakes and take into account the trust and benefit of that relationship.  I once read a passage in which someone said a good customer relationship is like a bank account.  If you constantly make deposits into the relationship account, you keep from overdrawing when you make a mistake/withdrawal on that same account.

How do you keep your relationship account from being overdrawn?

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