June is Effective Communications Month

Did you know that June is Effective Communications Month? Yes, it is true.

You are probably aware by now, that I find good communication essential to being successful in life.

You may also be aware that schools are now strongly reinforcing reading as a basis for students to be successful in their educations. Reading is simply communication. Whether for entertainment, education, or persuasion; those books are full of communications that will enable the student to recognize and emulate good communications.

So how does this relate to you? The same goes for adults. Exposing yourself and actually studying good communications will make it easier for you to recognize and emulate good communications.

That is why I am always on the lookout for good communicators and good communications resources. That’s how I ran into the Effective Communications Giveaway. There are about 15 different resources you can get at no cost.

However, all the resources in the world won’t make you an effective communicator. You must have a desire to be a better communicator and speaker.

If you are a small business owner in Erie Pa, you might join the Erie Small Business Alliance because you have a desire to build your business and network with like-minded individuals. You will likely hear from them that public speaking is an effective tool for the small business owner, and is one way to grow your business.

Whether that fact is newly learned or not, once you get the desire to learn to be a better speaker you can then tap into additional tools to be a better speaker. You might consider joining Toastmasters International. Or you may wish to attend some National Speakers Association events in Pittsburgh.

Maybe you would like to consider getting coaching. How much do you think Tiger Woods has spent on coaching, so he can be where he is now?

One option is online coaching through the World Champions’ Edge program, where you get access to Five World Champion Speakers and a Hall of Fame Legend.

You can also get audio and video products that teach you valuable speaking skills. Take a look at the sidebar for some of those resources. You may even study some of the greatest speeches of all time, on your own time.

However you do it, build a desire to be a better communicator, and strive to work at it every day. Whether you are a CEO, salesman, small business owner, or even a parent in the midst of negotiation with your teenager… you can use a little edge for more effective communications.

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