Congratulations District 13 Toastmasters

Today I got news. District 13 is now Select Distinguished. If you are not a member of Toastmasters, District 13 has been named #1 in Region VI, and #10 in the world.

You may be wondering, “So what? How do you become #1 and #10? Does it matter?”

Do you believe in helping others? Do you admire organizations that help people? Then yes. It does matter. It is such a BIG “what!”

Toastmasters have one purpose. To help individuals experience and excel in the Toastmasters educational program. The better you are at that, the higher you rank. We are very proud.

It’s funny that I just received this news. Just the other day, I was speaking to Wilma. Wilma is one of the nicest ladies I know. She always has a smile and is pleasant and cheerful to everyone. My Toastmasters club came up in conversation and she says, “Oh, I could never do that. I am so afraid of public speaking.”

That’s when it struck me. People think that Toastmasters clubs are for people who like public speaking. Is that how you imagine Toastmasters. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Toastmasters clubs are for people who fear public speaking. That is how Toastmasters started in the 1920s.

If you fear public speaking and wish to overcome it… Think about Toastmasters.

Copyright 2008 Michael Cortes

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