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Michael has been studying educational methods since age 17, continued to study principles of instruction during his seven years in the Marine Corps, and has continuously studied public speaking since March 2003.  Michael used these skills to teach and speak throughout his working career.

Michael can help you reach your goals. Do you want to be a better presenter? Need to add that little extra that allows you to rock your presentation, whether it be a sales proposal or report to the board of directors? Maybe you just need to polish yourself up in front of your constituency. There are many steps you can take to be more persuasive, more genuine, and create a better connection between you and your audience. By using more technique and less slides, Michael will help you create more power in your presentations.

Michael Cortes is the Technology Coordinator at the Fort LeBoeuf School District, a speaker and presentation coach.

Working with computer technology requires constant education, as technology is constantly evolving. In schools today, the staff always refer back to the thought that our children are growing up in a world that requires everyone to be a “life-long” learner. Michael has long ago realized that this applies to adults, as much as to the children and he proudly proclaims and shares it. He has taken a new look at life and examines each day for the lesson it contains.

  • Published in Gainesville State College™s bi-weekly faculty/staff newsletter, The Tower Talk: Vol 27, No. 14, January 18 2008

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Michael Cortes teaches Power Point with flashes of humor and practical advice. His consistently jovial countenance makes what could be a dry subject bubble. My husband and I use his technics for our presentations.

~ Carol Hamilton

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